Honouring a tradition in business studies that goes back to 15 years, Universidad Del Pacifico is proud to introduce as of January 2009 a new faculty, to be known as Internacional Business School.

Welcome to the Internacional Business School, You are about to make one of the most important decisions of you life; the choice of what and where to study ! Studying with us means preparing yourself for an important career in commerce, entrepeneurship, management and marketing. Our truly internacional programme offers the possibility of exchanges with other universities whilst developing your personal and business skills.

The Faculty

This is a recently created school with the clear mission, vision and commitment to the teaching of modern global business, whereby English will be the main language of tuition. The Faculty members are highly qualified, esperienced and dedicated professionals in their respective academic and intellectual domain.

The Programme

As a student, you will constantly interact with fellow students and staff members who may have another background then ypur own.
An Universidad Del Pacífico Internacional Business School graduate will be a professional who can hold his own in global business life as well as possess a high degree of social awareness and insight conducive to professional and personal fulfilment.

The main areas of expertise shaping the core of the Business School programme are: economics, finance, marketing, management, law and languages. All areas are strongly internationally focused.


The internacional marketing entry strategy and management skills are crucial. Why go internacional as a business or how to face internacional competition? What are the business motives that drive action, and once it has been decided to enter unknown markets, how to proceed?

2st Year

During the second year the subject matter is expanded and explored more thoroughly. Students learn operational skills and acquire the ability to approach business problems strategically. The attention now a shifts to a business unit or portfolio of activities. Another distinctive feature is the emphasis on both functional and personal skills. We feel that being able to cope with stressful situations, being well – organised and assertive are as important as analytical skills.

3st Year

The focus is on strategy. It is important to assess the connection between distinctive assets and capabilities of an organisation and its external environment. Case studies, business simulations and presentations play a prominent role when learning about strategy.
At this stage, students are well prepared for the study period abroad, where they can experience different cultures, values and attitudes.

4st Year

The subjects offered will cover fundamental issues; global economic environment, commercial integration entrepreneurship, strategic negotiations, innovation, current global issues and the like, It is designed to be a challenging and fulfilling final year.

The Placement
National and International Internship

In addition to the academic subjects of the programme that you have to accomplish, the company placement is a mandatory part of the Universidad Del Pacifico Internacional Business School study programme. Experience shows that placement is a excellent stepping stone to a business career.

The Dissertation

The dissertation is the culmination of your studies. It must be a problem solving assignment. Using the knowledge, skills and experience gained over the previous years, the student is expected to explore and analyse data and make concrete recommendations to solve the problem, or offer suggestions for a future line of approach. This is a mandatory assignment and the student is supervised throughout the process by a member of the Universidad Del Pacifico International Business School Faculty.

The Degree

A bachelor Degree will be awarded to you upon fulfilment of all requierements (Bachelor Business Administration - BBA).


Investment in an

International Career

We are confident that our new programme will give you the opportunity to develop your understanding of the link between business practice and theory right through the course.

I shall look forward to welcoming you at the Universidad Del Pacifico International Business School.

The Universidad Del Pacifico is a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business – AACSB; the Latin American Council of  Administration Schools – CLADEA, University outside Ecuador, as well as international organizations. For these reasons, students are able to transfer their academic credits to any university abroad. This provides them invaluable personal experience and the possibility to participate in exchanges and international competitions that will prepare them to confront work demands in a globalized economy and appreciate both cultural diversity and teamwork.


















































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