Ecuador: A Vision Toward The APEC

This paper makes reference to the advantages that Ecuador, as a country of the Pacific basin, possesses in relation to the markets to which it belongs due to its location, climate, economic and social situation. Ultimately, it presents the importance of Ecuador as a member of the Multimodal Amazon Axis which will allow commerce flows between the countries of East Asia and the Atlantic East American coast to be possible.

The strategic location of Ecuador brings many opportunities for competing within the commercial agreements to which Ecuador belongs and which can be accessed: ACN (Andean Nations Community), MERCOSUR (Common Market of the South) and ALADI (Latin American Association of Integration).

The Ecuadorian economy evolved positively in the last years, with an incremental growth tendency that has remained stable to date. The Gross Domestic Product has continued growing in a percentage superior to the rest of Latin American countries. Exports have shown a sustainable growth and the country risk index has diminished in great percentage.
Ecuador has a law to promote and guarantee investments that protects the rights of investors, so that they can contribute in an effective way to the economic and social development of the country.
In the context of multilateral relations, Ecuador is called on to meditate on what it must expect about its insertion in the Pacific basin. In addition, Ecuador must carefully design national policies on the new commitments that it has acquired as a member of the PECC, and define its’ aspiration to enter into the APEC. Furthermore, as a nation it needs to clearly identify the advantages and obligations that these multilateral relations bring; having endless potential and unexplored assets that Ecuador must plan and develop to optimize.

APEC Study Centers Consortium Meeting
Viña del Mar, Chile
26 -29 May 2004

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