Dr. Leonardo Gutierrez

Activo en nuestra institución desde el 04/02/2014 hasta el 19/09/2017.

BE (Mining Engineering); MSc. and PhD. (Environmental Engineering) – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Post-Doc: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology at Saudi Arabia; Post-Doc: Curtin University of Technology at Australia.

leonardo gutierrez


 Brief Summary

Dr. Gutierrez is an expert in AFM studies and has extensive experience in the field of colloidal/interfacial chemistry. He applies sophisticated AFM experimental techniques that aid in the elucidation of the dominant interacting mechanisms between organic compounds and colloids, including viruses, bacteria, and surfaces. His core training at the Seitz Materials Research Laboratory (UIUC) included: (Cryo) Transmission electron microscopy, (Environmental) Scanning electron microscopy, Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, (Time-Resolved) Dynamic Light Scattering, and Streaming (Zeta) Potential-Electrophoretic mobility measurements. In addition, Dr. Gutierrez received specialized training in bio-safety (Vet-Med School at UIUC) levels 1 and 2 (handling/growing/purification of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, phages, and cell stocks), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM-contact and tapping mode) coupled with Raman Spectroscopy, Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation technique, and Synchrotron-based Small Angle X-Ray scattering. Dr. Gutierrez has collaborated with multidisciplinary teams of prestigious Universities and National Labs (e.g., Yale University, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology KAUST, Curtin University of Technology, MASDAR Institute of Technology, Argonne National Lab at Chicago, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University, etc.). All his research projects resulted in publications in international peer-reviewed journals (e.g. ES&T, Water Research, Langmuir, Soft Matter, etc.), and have been presented in international conferences (e.g. American Chemical Society, Materials Research Society, Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors, etc.). Dr. Gutierrez is currently holding a Full-Professor position at Universidad Del Pacífico (Ecuador), where he develops characterization techniques at the nano-scale.


 1. Refereed ISI Journal Articles

2. Abstracts of papers of the American Chemical Society, The American Physical Society, and The American Institute of Chemical Engineers

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